Wild Goose Pass

Wild Goose Pass

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Welcome to the website of the Wild Goose Pass Number One Theatre Troupe!

This month we’re in Xinzhou Prefecture, traveling from temple festival to temple festival, providing entertainment for all you hardworking souls after the autumn harvest. If you like tales of mysterious murders, possessed maidens, vengeful ghosts, and fearless ruffians who aren’t afraid to stand up to corrupt government officials, I suggest that you finish threshing that millet and make the trip to your local temple immediately. And bring those grumbling in-laws with you. They won’t be disappointed!

Performance Schedule

Xinzhou City: Jade Lotus Causes a Disturbance

Guoyang: Yan Poxi Embarrasses Song Jiang

Yuanping: Lin Chong and the Precious Sword

Wang Family Village: The Emperor and the Courtesan

Group portrait, Guangsheng Temple 廣勝寺, Shanxi

Hold on . . . the ghost of Yan Poxi is whispering in my ear.

She’d like to remind everyone that we are staging a special play in our hometown for one night only. If you’ve heard enough about bloody vengeance and foul-mouthed outlaws, why not let a dramatic love story sweep you away instead!

Wild Goose Pass
A young official on the trail of an elusive criminal. A beautiful courtesan with a terrible secret. A devastating betraya—

Ah, who am I kidding? There’re a couple of murders in this one, too.

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