Wild Goose Pass

Wild Goose Pass

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Wild Goose Pass 雁門關

1119, northern China.

On the border of the world’s largest empire, two pairs of travelers are making their way through the desolate landscape of the Taihang Mountains: an heirless widower and his fugitive bride, and the junior official and young courtesan who are on their trail. But little do they realize that there is another shadow hidden among their own. One who will not rest until she obtains her vengeance—whatever the cost.

Based on one of the seminal tales in The Water Margin, and drawing on the folklore and depictions of daily life found in Hong Mai’s Record of the Listener, Wild Goose Pass immerses readers in the world of the Song dynasty: a time when ghosts and goddesses whispered into the ears of those who would listen, and the stories of scheming officials, headstrong courtesans, and real-life outlaws captured the imaginations of millions across the Middle Kingdom.

Travelers in the Taihang Mountains
Colors of the Taihang Mountains (太行山色圖), by Wang Hui